Proceedings of the 28-th International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics
4-8 Jul 2016 Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

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A bijective proof of Macdonald's reduced word formula
Sara Billey  1  , Alexander Holroyd  2  , Benjamin Young  3  
1 : Department of Mathematics [Seattle]
University of Washington Department of Mathematics Box 354350 Seattle, WA 98195-4350 -  États-Unis
2 : Microsoft Research [Redmond]  -  Website
One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, USA -  États-Unis
3 : Department of Mathematics, University of Oregon [Eugene]  -  Website
Eugene OR 97403 USA -  États-Unis

We describe a bijective proof of Macdonald's reduced word identity using pipe dreams and Little's bumping algorithm. The proof extends to a principal specialization of the identity due to Fomin and Stanley. Our bijective tools also allow us to address a problem posed by Fomin and Kirillov from 1997, using work of Wachs, Lenart and Serrano- Stump. 

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